Masarian Goldhawk

A Dalish Keeper losing himself to vengeance and lyrium


With the tanned skin of a Dalish elf and with wild white hair, even without his garb of pelts and the Dalish tattoos on his skin it was obvious Masarian had never seen the inside of a city. Clutching a staff of ironwood and dragon bone, he looks the very picture of a Dalish Keeper. His left eye is gold and his right silver.

Dangling from around his neck is a jagged piece of red crystal shaped very much like a Halla’s head, with curling horns and a slightly longer, jagged, distended lower jaw. Masarian is adamantly positive that the crystal has always been in his possession and was passed to him by another Keeper.


He was the Keeper for his clan – until the day the Tevinter slaver attacked. With his people either scattered or carried off, Masarian had no option but to chase after the slaver and swear vengeance.

He stumbled across the red lyrium pendant and grew enthralled by it immediately, stringing it about his neck and forgetting that he had just located the object.

Since then it has been a battle for the Keeper to remain lucid long enough to effect anything, especially when he repeatedly draws upon the corrupt energies of the red lyrium.

Masarian Goldhawk

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